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“China Solutions’ quality is shown not only by their level of legal experience and knowledge of the China investment market, but also by the fact that we clients are kept continuously informed of all works carried out on our case. These works come in on time and on budget.”

John Bengt Moeller, Chairman

Olympus S.A. Dairy
“China Solutions supported our analysis and negotiation of several related contracts for the distribution and sale of our premium dairy products in China. They made a critical and efficient study of specific issues within the draft agreements and, just as importantly, were a dependable source of support for tangential matters arising from the proposed transaction; in the final analysis, we benefited greatly from having a reliable and trusted partner at our side.”

Stergios Sourlis, Commercial Director, International Markets

Silicon Valley Bank
“In preparation for the expansion of my China-based duties, China Solutions developed a program to enhance my awareness of relevant provisions; the program was well prepared and delivered. Critically, China Solutions provided significant value-add by sharing its broad and deep insight into business norms and economic history unique to this jurisdiction. This insight allows key decision-makers to develop an understanding and approach appropriate for this jurisdiction, which contributes to long-term success.”

Ken Wilcox, Chairman


“Our unique patented dairy feed product had a natural fit for China’s domestic market; however, we had little practical knowledge or contacts in China. We engaged China Solutions to identify and screen potential distribution partners. They started broadly with nearly 300 candidates, and narrowed down through an objective assessment process to less than a dozen. We had consistent, professional and transparent communication with the team leaders at China Solutions, and worked together closely to provide feedback at every critical juncture. China Solutions’ professionalism and effectiveness made China accessible and comfortable to us.”

Tom Haschen, Chief Executive Officer

Tiffany & Co.
“In continuing Tiffany & Co.’s mandate to expand our retail distribution channel in China, we initiated negotiation of a retail operation in Shanghai within a department store. China Solutions Principal Nestor Gounaris was tireless, patient, and his primary objective was to further the interests of the client without losing sight of commercial realities.”

Jean Seabrook, General Manager in Hong Kong and China

“Over the past five years, we have been working with Mr. Nestor Gounaris, who has been providing and continues to provide support. From this cooperation it is extremely clear that Mr. Gounaris speaks Mandarin perfectly, has a deep knowledge of commercial law, and many years of experience with corresponding matters in the PRC. Mr. Gounaris, during the course of our cooperation, demonstrated and continues to demonstrate a responsible and ethical character. He is always embodying and fulfilling the needs of the client.”

Evangelos Vassos, International Operations Manager

Electroglas Inc.
“Electroglas and its subsidiaries were engaged in a detailed and lengthy regulatory and administrative procedure in China that normally takes months to complete. Our top-tier US-based lawyers had been stymied for months due to difficulties with a China-based service provider. Within a week of engagement, China Solutions had broken through the months-long stalemate, opening the road to complete the entire procedure. The professionalism, transparency, and reliability of China Solutions were noteworthy; if you have China-related projects, talk to China Solutions.”

Thomas Brunton, CEO, Director

Couniniotis Group
“Xinjiang (China) is an incredibly challenging and exciting place to conduct business. We owe our successful establishment there to China Solutions. Further, once our company was established, China Solutions continued to provide essential on-going consultancy on various employment, customs and regulatory issues that, if not handled correctly, could have developed into significant operational impediments. Nestor and his team were tireless and dedicated to our success. We highly recommend working with China Solutions.”

Andreas Kouniniotis, Managing Director

Emm. Michalakis S.A.
“China Solutions was responsible for registering a number of our trademarks in China. Their support was extremely reliable, timely and trustworthy. We felt very safe – because their high standards of professionalism and work ethic were obvious at every step.”

George Michalakis, Chief Executive Officer

“We required a trusted, dependable provider on the ground in China. China Solutions was just that – the planning and communication reflected a deep commitment to professionalism and client-service.”

Nicolas Constantinesco, Partner – Operations Strategy Group

Clean Energy Associates Ltd.
“The China Solutions team provided extensive support and research that was critical for our compliance with relevant regulations. China Solutions served all of our needs. The consultants answered all my questions through extensive meetings, emails, and phone calls. Their constant support and attention to detail was invaluable to me. It is clear that they have a deep understanding and familiarity with China. In short, I highly recommend China Solutions because of their professionalism, dedication, and expertise.”

Andy Klump, Managing Director

Akron (China) Group LTD Co.
“Several years ago, we were faced with certain issues in connection to the unimpeded operation of our business in this country, which required legal support from someone familiar with Chinese procedures and the corresponding challenges. The professionalism that characterizes China Solutions, and the sincere interest they demonstrated in our daily needs, has established a valuable association on which we can depend for any legal (or other) support.”

Panayiotis Mitroulias, General Manager

Dometic AB
“Nestor provided us with substantial support to establish our China-based manufacturing facility by researching and resolving a broad variety of legal questions, preparing and advising on our corporate documents, guiding our application through the approval process, and drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements with service providers that operated under different cultural and legal norms.”

Ake Walter, General Counsel

Bambu Concepts International Inc.
“As we developed our China-based team, we quickly realized that we needed a robust, compliant, and fair employment framework. China Solutions came to us with a clear understanding of what was permitted, what was customary, and what was reasonable. At every step of building our employment framework, China Solutions was proactive and engaged in discussing the key issues and in considering and protecting our interests. Working with them gave us peace of mind and allowed us to focus on what matters most to us – our operations.”

Jeff Delkin, Owner and Co-Founder

Zanae Nicoglou Bakery Yeast, S.A.
“China Solutions supported Zanae Nicoglou Bakery Yeast, S.A. in a variety of China-related activities, and throughout the entire engagement exhibited a personal attention to detail and a desire to ensure that our customer service experience was fulfilling. Their advice demonstrated a deep understanding of China’s regulatory and legal environment, a strong sense of professional purpose, and practical and commercial common sense.”

Tilemachos Pentzos, General Director

Shanghai Hi-Tec Plastics Company Ltd.
“The team at China Solutions provided us with important and practical regulatory advice to achieve our commercial and operational targets. CS has helped us with a variety of important tasks, from transferring and licensing our trademarks to advising how to best protect ourselves against potential lawsuits. Their broad network of professional contacts helped us to efficiently and cost-effectively learn about specific issues that would have been exceedingly difficult to master otherwise.”

Vassilis Kyrkrilis, General Manager

Polcor China Sacrificial Anode Manufacture Company
“China Solutions came at a critical point in our development. Unexpected challenges required diligent, trustworthy, and sound advice. The professionalism, integrity, and commitment of the China Solutions team helped us overcome our hurdles and get back on track with what we do best – manufacturing and delivering our products to our clients.”

Nikos Trignos, General Manager in China