Valuing Organic Intellectual Property in China, April 2015
Jasmine Zhang and Nestor Gounaris give insight on a recent, high profile intellectual property dispute regarding the immensely successful branded herbal tea product Wang Lao Ji, in which the People’s Court determined which intellectual property regime (i.e. trademark registration or trade dress ownership) trumped.

COIU American Investment Project Introduction (Winter Session), November 2014

CS and COIU co-host an investment program on Monday 24 November in Beijing, with support of the US Embassy (Commercial Service). This program introduces a diverse set of current US investment opportunities in real estate development and energy.

Identifying and Vetting Business Partners, October 2014

China Solutions sits on panel at US Commercial Services Greater China Business Forum Series in New York. Register here.


Seminar: Negotiating a Joint Venture in China, September 2013, October 2014
CS Managing Partner Nestor Gounaris teaches China-focused joint venture simulation as platform for comprehension of recent economic history, current commercial law and negotiating norms.


10th Value Investing Seminar, July 2013
CS Managing Partner Nestor Gounaris discusses foreign direct investment in China at the 10th annual Value Investing Seminar in Trani, Italy.


Do Contracts Matter? Q&A with Exporter Magazine, March 2013
Many say that China is a relationships-based economy, with contracts not being worth the time it takes to create them. Nestor Gounaris is asked by New Zealand’s Exporter Magazine for his perspective on whether, and how, contracts matter.


Contracting with Commercial Counterparts in China, February 2013
CS Managing Partner Nestor Gounaris discusses legal issues that confront U.S. corporations conducting business with Chinese counterparts, including pitfalls that U.S. firms encounter during contract negotiations, and litigation issues that can arise down the road.



Contracting with Chinese Counterparts, December 2012
CS Managing Partner Nestor Gounaris and CBLA members discuss elements of secure contracting between Chinese and non-Chinese counterparts. Discussion includes technical drafting issues, legal and operational concerns, and cross-cultural communication and negotiation issues. This is a private event.



Business in an International Context, A China Case Study: December 2012
CS Managing Partner Nestor Gounaris discusses how to achieve success with Chinese counterparts, and extrapolates guiding principles to understand business in an international context. Discussion addresses key legal and regulatory issues, cross-cultural communication concepts, and practical contractual drafting issues.



Doing Business in China: December 2012
CS Managing Partner Nestor Gounaris will discuss strategies and solutions for Rhode Island businesses to achieve their commercial goals in China. Sponsored by Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, Rhode Island Small Business Development Center, and the John H. Chafee Center for International Business at Bryant University.


Doing Business in China: November 2012
CS Managing Partner Nestor Gounaris discusses strategies and solutions for Brooklyn businesses to achieve their commercial goals in China. Program includes contracting with Chinese counterparts, registering your trademark in China, and legal and regulatory requirements to import food into China.


Roundtable China Business Breakfast: November 2012
CS Managing Partner Nestor Gounaris and CBIA members discuss key questions on doing business in China. Is China really overtaking the U.S.? Do contracts matter in China? What does corporate control mean in the China context? How to successfully engage employees in China? This is a private event.



U.S. Legal Education and Law School Admissions: October 2012
Join Caryn Voland, Director of Graduate Admissions at Georgetown Law, for an evening with China Solutions. The session will discuss the U.S. legal education including curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and variations among law schools. 6:30 pm Monday 22 October – reserve one of our limited spaces here.


2nd Annual Moot Shanghai: March 2012
China Solutions is proud to support the Shanghai Arbitration Commission and East China University of Political Science and Law in sponsoring the 2nd Annual Moot Shanghai. This four-day event brought together more than 100 law students from universities around the globe and more than 60 practicing lawyers and arbitrators in an international moot court forum.


Harvard Law School, Program on the Legal Profession: January 2012
CS Managing Partner Nestor Gounaris reflects on over a decade of supporting clients in China and on the development of China Solutions, with students and faculty at Harvard Law School.