Drawing on over thirteen years of China-based experience, China Solutions’ core services include cross-border strategic relationship building, establishing and acquiring legal entities, contract preparation, regulatory compliance consulting, and dispute management.

Strategic Relationships
China Solutions assists clients to develop strategic relationships that are vital to successful market access in China. Whether a client seeks a joint venture partner, an investor, or a qualified buyer or seller of specialized assets or products, we bring the right actors together and build the framework for success.

Foreign Direct Investment
We support the establishment or acquisition of a China-based legal entity, and ensure a stable platform for success. China Solutions advises on corporate structuring, corporate control, due diligence, regulatory requirements, bilingual documentation, intellectual property issues, and exit or expansion strategies.

Commercial Agreements
The success of a foreign direct investment project depends in part on the experience and capability of the team preparing and negotiating the underlying agreements. China Solutions’ consultancy includes due diligence on the contracting counterpart, strategic considerations, negotiation, bilingual drafting and documentation, and effective agreement execution.

Regulatory Compliance
Foreign direct investment projects in China are exposed to a host of regulatory compliance issues involving an array of government authorities. China Solutions uses a transparent and systematic approach that enables clients to maintain compliance while deepening their understanding of compliance issues, and implanting corresponding corporate values in the China-based entities which are critical for long-term stability in China.

Dispute Resolution
China Solutions provides comprehensive dispute resolution management to clients facing China-based disputes. Whether a multimillion dollar cross-border trade agreement or a wrongful termination claim, we provide contextual and contractual analysis, strategic planning, negotiations, evidence preparation, and alignment and coordination of litigation.