Commercial Agreements

A robust commercial agreement sets the stage for a stable and successful business relationship. Whether a lease, sale agreement, personal services contract, distribution agreement, services agreement, or other commercial agreement, China Solutions’ proven approach consistently develops an effective and enforceable commercial agreement.


 Due Diligence

China Solutions’ due diligence for commercial contracts can include confirmation of the commercial counterpart’s legally registered address, name, company seal, signature of the legal representative, ownership of certain assets, past litigation, and even softer issues such as reputation amongst vendors and officials.

Strategic Consultancy
China Solutions provides consultancy on key strategic issues surrounding a commercial agreement including potential enforcement, commercial risks, governing language, and regulatory issues.

We advise our clients not only of key agreement terms and strategic positioning for commercial negotiations, but also of cultural and business norms in China that are crucial for successful negotiations with China-based counterparts.

Bilingual Documentation
Commercial agreements undergo a detailed translation and verification process to avoid ambiguities in interpretation and to ensure that documents will withstand substantive and procedural scrutiny by relevant government regulatory bodies.

Proper Execution
China Solutions oversees the commercial agreement execution to ensure that, in the event of a dispute, the commercial counterpart cannot raise a technical defense of non-formation of the agreement.


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