Foreign Direct Investment

China’s foreign direct investment environment is complex and ever changing. China Solutions addresses such challenges with a transparent, diligent approach that sets the stage for successful and stable foreign direct investment. Our team provides tailored services that support each of our clients’ unique and specific foreign direct investment circumstances.

Whether our client is establishing an entity from the ground up (such as a representative office, a wholly foreign owned enterprise, or a joint venture) or building on an existing infrastructure through an acquisition, China Solutions provides step-by-step guidance through the foreign direct investment process.


Structural Planning
China Solutions guides our clients to determine the most appropriate investment vehicle for its entry into the China market.

Corporate Control
We educate our clients on critical factors for building a robust framework of corporate control, and then work together to implement the appropriate checks and balances.

Due Diligence
China Solutions’ due diligence provides a reliable assessment of an economic entity. Our due diligence can cover a broad spectrum of issues, including corporate establishment and controls, property, employment, commercial agreements, importing and exporting, environmental issues, insurance, regulatory compliance, litigation and arbitration, product liability, and more.

Our approach can include pulling together formal interviews, informal discussions, anonymous inquiries, site visits, document review and public records inquiries, in order to deliver a comprehensive review of an entity’s standing.

Government Approval and Registration
We handle registration applications (in cooperation with local partners, as appropriate) to ensure that government approvals and registrations are obtained properly.

Bilingual Documentation
China Solutions provides bilingual documentation of relevant application materials and corporate documentation, which undergo a detailed translation and verification process to ensure that they will withstand substantive and procedural scrutiny by the relevant government regulatory bodies.

Intellectual Property Issues
Together, we consider the relevant intellectual property (e.g. domain names, trade secrets, trademarks) and develop an approach to mitigate the risk of intellectual property theft.

Exit or Expansion Strategy
China Solutions advises on structuring that ensures that our clients have exit or expansion strategy options as their foreign direct investment project progresses.


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