Regulatory Compliance

China’s regulatory environment is complex and continuously evolving. Foreign investors seeking to succeed in this framework require an orderly and planned approach that may contrast with standard practice in a jurisdiction where economic actors are often comfortable operating in grey areas or even outright noncompliance.

China Solutions’ deliberate and attentive approach not only manages compliance, but also consolidates corporate values of transparency and corporate control that are key stabilizers for a China-based operational platform.

Common areas that can give rise to compliance issues include health and safety measures for manufacturing facilities; import & export-related quotas; employee-related social insurance contributions, tax payments, overtime payments and terminations; qualified registered addresses; internet-based commerce; annual inspections; foreign exchange controls; registered capital contributions; to name but a few.

China Solutions’ approach includes comprehensive research to develop a planning memo, detailed consultations with relevant authorities, reconciliation of diverse research results, assessment of noncompliance risks and liabilities, recommendations on preventative measures, and preparation of relevant bilingual documentation.


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